Poster (Spectral Investigation Collective – Bureau d’études, 2006)

Ce poster, affiché dans les abri-bus de la Ville de Riga (Lettonie) signalait les emplacements des antennes de téléphonie mobile dans la ville et les effets sanitaires qu’elles pouvaient provoquer.

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One thought on “Poster (Spectral Investigation Collective – Bureau d’études, 2006)

  1. Elisa Mangini

    I’ve seen your work as part of an exhibition in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi (Ritratti del potere – portraits and power). Then I discovered your web site and I would only like to thank all your team of workers for your job. It would be awsome if these organization charts could be explained on the media and be spread more among people. Specially in nation like mine. Italy would need people like you. sorry for my bad english and thanks again.


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