8 thoughts on “Governing agrofood (Bureau d’études, 2006)

  1. Nate Weems

    Je trouve vos travailles top, et je me demande si vous avez une grosse taille version du pièce “Governing agrofood” ? J’ai telechargez les derniers trois “links” mais le prémière et le deuxième sont le même. Mais ça sera mieux d’avoir une A0 avec tous ensemble! Est-ce que c’était originalement comme ça?
    Merci bien, et bonne journée!

  2. admin


    J’ai corrigé les liens, désolé pour l’erreur !
    Pour en faire un A0, vous pouvez utiliser un logiciel spécifique qui assemblera les PDF.

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  4. solomon


    Love your work, been downloading these various charts for many years. These look like the best yet, even better with color and 3D effect. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    I also love the Laboratory Planet. I have a short piece I’d like to submit for the next issue, in English, which tries to answer Heidegger’s “Question Concerning the Essence of Technology”. Are you accepting submissions? If so, what is the best way to do so?

    Thanks & best wishes,

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  8. Rose

    Absolutely amazing. I first saw this in the giant book “Information Graphics” by Taschen and have recently come back to admire it in light of my new role as Creative Manager at The Good Food Institute.

    May I ask, how did the project come to be (what sort of research was involved) and how long did it take your design team to concept and execute the vision?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!



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