8 thoughts on “Gouvernement mondial (Bureau d’études, 2005)

  1. joselito


    Je viens de “tomber” sur une version de votre travail (“oeuvre”) au musée des beaux arts de Santiago ! Whaouuuu !

    Le pdf ou une mise en vente bientôt ?

    M E R C I

    1. adminBE

      Bonjour !

      A priori, aucune modifs n’est prévue pour le moment, le travail est titanesque, les contributions sont les bienvenues !
      En tout cas, heureux que ca vous plaise !

  2. Matthew

    Hi, Your work is incredible. Its the most academically rigorous summation of the hidden web of power I’ve come across to date.

    It’s an incredibly dense work and obviously I haven’t finished analysing it yet but I did find a couple of inaccuracies. There was no connection drawn between the Bush’s and the Saudi Royal family specifically through the Carlye group. This was a widely discussed connection around 2001.

    There was also no mention of Monsanto.

    Is there a particular reason for this omissions or has just been overlooked?

    1. Bureau Etudes Post author

      We put some links and make specific maps about the links between Bush and Saudi and it’s curious that we don’t put in the map you consult ?

      For Monsanto, it is true that we don’t make a specific focus on it. But it is very true that it is an important actor in this global network of power. It’s a mistake from us. And probably there are many others. If you have other remarks, don’t hesitate to make your critics !!

      The reason is probably because we focus in the governement maps about the structures of the system and it’s difficult for us to understand the specific position of Monsanto in this structure (for comparaison, it’s more easier for us to situate Bechtel in the american complex). Maybe can you give us some indication about ?

      You can find we make this year. And we are curious to receive your remarks…


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