Gouvernement mondial (Bureau d’études, 2004)

World government is described here as an intellectual complex, which is able to coordinate, accumulate and concentrate the means for defining the norms and determining the development of capitalism. This complex is made up of financial cores, strategic and diplomatic think tanks, scientific and technical research planning offices, political-influence networks, mafias, intelligence-gathering services and legal and accounting consultants. It is premised on the conviction that a government made up of old families and new brainpower is preferable to peoples’ right to choose their own destiny.

Carte pdf- worldGov2004gris, Worldgov2004nb

Texte d’accompagnement- worldgovernment

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    1. Bureau d'Etudes

      We’ve have edited posters years ago and given them all away. We won’t edit more posters for now, but we keep the idea in mind !


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